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1) Is the Community Association the same as the Tuscany Residents Association?

  • No, the Community Association is a volunteer organization dependent upon sponsorship and fundraising to operate. The Residents Association is a not for profit company incorporated, in Tuscany's case, under the Companies Act, and which has mandatory membership of all property owners and an assured source of revenue to fund its operations. The community association is involved in community matters (Soccer Registration and other community run programs, issues involving city officials, etc.), whereas the Residents Association's mandate revolves around providing the necessary resources to maintain Tuscany’s exclusive facilities for the enjoyment of all Tuscany residents.

2)Do all Tuscany residents currently pay a Residents Association fee?

  • Yes, all residents and property owners in Tuscany have their title encumbered with the Tuscany Residents Association Encumbrance.

3)Who collects the Residents Association fee?

  • The Residents Association fees are collected by the Tuscany Residents Association.

4)How often are the Residents Association fees collected?

  • Members of the Tuscany Residents Association are invoiced annually April 1st.

5)Where is the money collected from the Residents Association spent?

  • The funds are spent to administer and operate the amenities of the Tuscany Residents Association, including the landscaping, maintaining open space in the community etc. Audited financial Statements are sent to every Member prior to the Annual General Meeting.

6)What are the benefits to the residents of Tuscany for paying the Residents Association fees?

  • Residents benefit, by having in their community, certain amenities and assets which, because of their unique nature, could not otherwise be provided, as the City would not normally accept responsibility for their maintenance. Other benefits include enhanced maintenance of City parks and Boulevards, and access to

7) How is the Residents Association governed?

  • The TRA is governed via bylaws and a Board of Directors. At present, the TRA Board is at its' maximum of twelve (12) resident board members who are elected to represent the residents at every Annual General Meeting held in September.

8) Who elects the representatives for the Residents Association and when does that occur?

  • The Members of the association elect their Board of Directors annually at the Annual General Meeting every September.

9)Is there a relationship between the Residents Association and the municipal officials?

  • Not formally, although communications with both elected officials and administration does occur.

10)Are the residents of Tuscany able to guide the Residents Association in matters important to the residents?

  • The role of the Residents Association is limited to matters affecting the operation of the association. Members can elect or defeat any Member standing for a Residents Association Directorship, and in that way guide the direction of the Association.

11)How does a member of the Tuscany Residents Association become more involved in the Residents Association?

  • Attending the Annual General Meeting is usually the best means; letting Directors know of your interest in matters relating to the Association is another. The TRA board can be contacted at

12)How do you become a member of the TRA?

  • The TRA registers an encumbrance on each lot ensuring that each homeowner automatically becomes a member. Upon closing of a home purchase in Tuscany, the TRA requests that each homeowner sign a copy of the Tuscany Residents Association Brochure to acknowledge the provisions of the Tuscany Amenities Agreement and the Articles of Association of Tuscany Residents Association.

13)What is the scope of the TRA's summer landscape maintenance?

14)Does the TRA do snow removal?

15)Who do I call with Wildlife concerns?

  • The Tuscany Club staff are not able to deal directly with wildlife issues.  Please see below for numbers to call for assistance:
    • City of Calgary 311: for bylaw and domestic animals only
    • Human Society (403)205-4455: for small animal welfare only
    • Fish & Wildlife (403)297-6423:for large animals and undomesticated animal issues
    • Canadian Wildlife (403)292-6899: additional information

16)Who should residents contact for more information?

        Tuscany Residents Association
        212 Tuscany Way NW  
        Calgary, AB T3L 2J6
        Phone Number: (403) 241-6402
        Fax Number: (403) 241-6441

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Phone: (403) 241-6402