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Welcome to Tuscany

Dear Home Owner:

On behalf of the Tuscany Residents Association (TRA) and the Board of Directors, I would like to welcome you and your family to Tuscany and are confident you will enjoy the community for many years!

When moving into an area, homeowners often have questions about their new community.  Listed below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the Tuscany Residents Association.  Please note that when you move in to Tuscany you need to bring your land title certificate to get registered at the Club, so we can update your address and initiate membership privileges for your family.

  • What is the Tuscany Residents Association (TRA)?

The TRA is a not-for-profit company governed by the Companies Act and was created to ensure that certain features; amenities and facilities of a community are maintained and managed for the long-term use and enjoyment of its member residents.  The TRA sets a desired course for the use of common facilities, such as the Tuscany Club and other Amenities and helps to ensure their financial sustainability over time.

  • Do all Tuscany residents currently pay a Residents Association fee?

Yes.  All residents and property owners have their title encumbered with the Tuscany Encumbrance Annual Rent Charge.  Membership in the Association is automatic and mandatory with the purchase of a home or condominium in Tuscany.

  • Could the yearly fee increase?

Possibly.  The payment of dues is reviewed and established annually by your Board of Directors and is secured by an annual maximum encumbrance of $250 for a single-family residence and $187.50 for multi-family (condominium) residence (subject to upward adjustment for inflation and GST) registered on the title to each member’s lot.

  • What is the amount of the Residents Association Fee and when is it due?

The current year’s fees are $240 + GST for a single-family residence and $180 + GST for multi-family/condo residences.  If you reside in a condominium, the annual fees are in addition to your monthly condo fees.  The membership year runs from April 1 to March 31. Invoices for TRA fees are mailed in early April to each property and are due by April 30.  Your legal advisor is responsible to have informed you of this at the time of purchasing your home.

  • What are the benefits to the residents of Tuscany for paying the Residents Association Fee?

The residents benefit by having certain community amenities such as access to the Tuscany Club, recreation programs and special events.  In addition, enhanced maintenance around the community inclusive of gardening and landscaping, sets Tuscany apart from other communities.

  • How is the Residents Association governed?

The TRA, including the operation of the Tuscany Club, its features and amenities, is governed by the Companies Act and approved Bylaws.  These are administered by a Board of Directors currently made up of eleven (11) Tuscany residents.

Additional frequently asked questions and answers are posted and available to Tuscany residents online at, our exclusive website.

For more information regarding your membership or to obtain your membership card, please do not hesitate to call the Tuscany Club at 403-241-6402.


Chris Tomiyama

General Manager

Tuscany Residents Association

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Phone: (403) 241-6402